Clay County Chamber of Commerce - North Carolina

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Thanks for stopping by and come back often.

Dear Visitors.

Our Area: Come and experience Clay County, "the best kept secret in North Carolina" offering a hometown atmosphere. Whether you enjoy hiking or biking on a mountain trail, fishing or boating on Lake Chatuge, shopping for antiques and handcrafted items on the Square and throughout our community, you will enjoy our charming shops and warm and friendly people. Clay County is the second fastest growing county in western North Carolina. Check out our demographics right here.

Read these "Letters to the CCP Editor" right here.

Our People: Believe it or not,a large number of recent arrivals (since 2000) have come from Florida and many others are "Half-backs" meaning that they are from the Northeast originally then moved south and have now moved here. (me, for example) OK, so one would think OMG these people must be rude, mean and #&@!. Well, surprise, since we left the big cities we have taken on some local traits which are: friendly, helpful, respectful and truly warm-hearted. Amazing what happens when the population per square mile drops from 1000+ to 41. Not to mention only 2 traffic lights and only 1 lane of traffic. In all fairness we also mention that many of us are retired now and do NOT have to rush anywhere.

Our Office: When you are in the area please stop by the Clay County Chamber of Commerce.Located in Hayesville at the four points intersection, just beyond the traffic round-about at the intersection of US 64 Business and North Carolina State Road 69. Helpfull volunteers and area information will provide you with a one-stop-shop for your Clay County experience.

So Where are we located ?

Click here to read our Clay County Brochure.

Discover Hayesville Brochure right here.

Just click on the map (or right here) and we'll show you google maps.


To save you time, we highly recommend that you use the "search" feature on the right side. Just enter a word and it will bring up all of our web pages with that word on it.
Looking for a business ? a Marina ? Camping? Biking ? Boat launch area ? anything ? good as Google .....try it NOW......


Come check us out on facebook and become our "friend".

We'd sure appreciate it.

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